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Informational Services Solution

Informational Service

For technology based company like software and platform companies, growth will be fuelled by think of  people-first business and revenue models digitally propagated from crest  to tough to deliver long term value. 

We partner with technology firms to modernize knowledge and build platforms that deliver compelling experiences and operational maturity to unlock larger price

We deliver offerings and experience across the Information service ecosystem to assist you and update your business model, accelerate innovation, boost lightness and meet the fast demand of digital disruption.

How we work

Market Research

Our marketing research services facilitate businesses establish growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy supported deep understanding of consumers and also the overall marketplace. in contrast to different IT corporations, we tend to use a study, comprehensive analysis, marketing research strategy to confirm most research coverage. Our quantitative and qualitative marketing research services involve the applying of the correct methodologies across primary and secondary sources to assemble market intelligence. Our sector specialists and consultants stand out reading the fine print from underlying information to come up with custom marketing research information and unjust insights.

Re-Evaluating Your Business Model

Businesses need to think and redefine customer experience, their working model, and rethink what they do, how they do it, and how they do it for. A business model re-evaluation must be the core of every company.


Our Business Model Re-evaluating services facilitate businesses to know the do's and don't for the future of the company and gives growth opportunities by knowing the loopholes of their business model.

Finding Loop-Holes

A loophole is an associate degree exception that enables a system to be circumvented or avoided. it always refers to legal, taxation, or security methods that are exploited for private gain. Exploiting loopholes may lead to intensive scrutiny and audits, or even just a feeling of bad faith.

Our service of finding loop-holes in your current working model and fixing it for smoother functioning for the company. Identifing loopholes is important to get better understanding of your backsiding BI Business Intelligence Stratergy.

Offering Strategies and Solution

Sofstack offer strategies and solution to block loop-holes and for better functioning of the business and remain competitive in the market.

Leverage your business strategy solutions to get an increased read of your current business and market trends and acknowledge the desired steps to realize your goals. Our business strategy analysis and consulting services square measure aligned together with your long-run plans and facilitate generate new ideas and opportunities for your success.

Software Solutions

From IT strategy consulting and comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of climbable solutions, Intellectsoft delivers full-cycle package development services that adapt seamlessly to your project necessities and business wants.

App and web development, software developers expert help by utilizing screen sharing, video and text chat, in order to replicate for users the experience of having a mentor for code reviewing, debugging, and online programming also helping business to grow with technology solutions and consulting.

Industries sofstack provides Solutions 


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