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Hire Java Developers -
Top Talent at Your Fingertips

​Unlock the full potential of your business with our highly skilled and experienced Java developers in India. Benefit from our cost-effective and flexible hiring models, ensuring you receive top-quality services tailored to your specific requirements. Our Java developers are proficient in delivering cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

SofStack - Your Trusted Java Development Company

Experience the power of innovation with Softstack, a leading Java development company renowned for its expert developers, cutting-edge solutions, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Elevate your business with our tailored, scalable, and robust Java applications designed to cater to diverse industry needs.

Why Hire Java Developers from Us?

  • Expertise: Our Java developers have extensive experience in building robust and scalable solutions using the latest Java technologies and frameworks.

  • Cost-effective: Leverage the advantage of hiring highly skilled developers from India, providing quality services at competitive rates.

  • Flexible hiring models: Choose from hourly, part-time, or full-time engagement models based on your project requirements and budget constraints.

  • Seamless communication: Our developers are fluent in English, ensuring smooth collaboration and effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Dedicated project management: Benefit from our dedicated project managers, who will oversee your project, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to quality standards.

Our Java Development Expertise

  • Custom Java application development

  • Java web application development

  • Enterprise Java solutions

  • Java-based CMS development

  • Java software consulting and support

  • Java application migration and modernization

  • Java API development and integration

  • Java mobile application development

Java Technologies and Frameworks

Our Java developers are adept at using the following technologies and frameworks:

  • Core Java, Java SE, Java EE

  • Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JavaServer Faces (JSF)

  • Servlets, JSP, JDBC


  • Microservices architecture, Spring Boot

  • Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, GlassFish

  • Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Git

  • RESTful and SOAP web services

Abstract Blue Light

Our Java Developer Hiring Process


Project requirements analysis


Shortlist Java developers by skills and experience.


Interview rounds with selected candidates


Finalizing engagement model and contract signing


Project kickoff and onboarding of developers


Regular progress updates and communication


Quality assurance and final delivery

Affordable Engagement Models for Building a Dedicated Team

Fixed Price Model

Hire Java Developers for Fixed Price Projects

This hiring model is ideal for businesses with a clear understanding of their project requirements and timeline. With a fixed-price model, you can hire Java developers for a predetermined cost and a specified project duration. This model offers cost-effective solutions and assures that the project is completed within the specified time and budget.

Time and Material Model

Flexible Hiring of Java Developers on Time and Material Basis

In this hiring model, you can hire Java developers on a flexible basis and pay only for the hours worked. This model is suitable for projects that require flexibility in terms of project scope, duration, and resources. It offers greater transparency, as you only pay for the time spent on your project, and can add or remove resources as needed.

Dedicated Team Model

Build Your Dedicated Java Development Team

This model allows you to build a dedicated Java development team for your project. You can hire Java developers, team leads, project managers, and other resources as needed to work exclusively on your project. This model provides the highest level of control, flexibility, and scalability. It also enables seamless communication and collaboration between your team and the hired resources.

Hire Java Developer as Per Your Need

Our Pricing is Simple and Transparent, and we offer fully signed NDAs, Code Security, and an Easy Exit Policy.


Hourly (USD)

Our hourly pricing model offers flexibility in project scope, duration, and resources. You pay for the hours worked by Java developers at our hourly rate, and you can hire for as long or short as needed.


Monthly (USD)

With our monthly pricing model, build a dedicated Java development team at a fixed monthly fee that starts at $2560. Scale resources up or down as needed, with full control, flexibility, and scalability. Perfect for long-term development and maintenance projects.



Contact our sales team for custom or bulk hiring, and long-term contract relation.

Industries We Serve

eCommerce and retail


Finance and banking

Travel and hospitality


Logistics and transportation

Media and entertainment

Education and eLearning

If you're looking to hire dedicated Java developers in India who can help you transform your ideas into reality, look no further. Our talented developers are ready to join your team and deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique business needs.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements and explore the best engagement model for you.

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