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Food & Beverage Solutions

Food & Beverage Software Solutions

Food & Beverage (F&B) Management is a segment of the hospitality industry that focuses on operations in restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering companies, hospitals, hotels, and more. It includes the business side of food, like ordering and inventory, managing budgets, and planning and costing menus. to increase efficiency in food and beverage industry it is important to provide software solution

At sofstack we gives complete solution customized for the food and beverage enterprise with the aid of using harnessing rising technology along with AI, device learning, IoTblockchain and many others, to behave as enablers for reinventing business models and value chains.

We develop custom software program solutions used withinside the food & beverage industry, designed and configured to reinforce transport efficiency, force sales, and maximize profitability.

IT Solution for Food & Beverage Industry

Restaurant Management Software

A restaurant management system is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software specifically designed for restaurants, bars, food trucks, and others in the foodservice industry. Over time, smart suggestive ordering, based on sales reporting forecasts and par level inventory, can reduce over-ordering and food waste. Restaurant management systems can also help you optimize food costs, one of your most controllable expenses.

Sofstack, is a leading provider of both on-premise and cloud-based solutions based on a modular architecture that enable restaurants to seamlessly manage inventory, staffing, reservations, etc.

Food Ordering software.

Food delivery software is software that offers restaurant and delivery service owners a facility to use web-based tools to manage and market food ordering, payment processing, vendor services, and delivery options.  We develop food delivery software suitable for restaurants operating across business models, from full-service, quick-service restaurants (QSR), to restaurants that offer curbside food delivery.

Online Restaurant POS Systems

A restaurant POS, or point of sale, is a system of hardware and software that work together to handle workflow and transactions for a food and beverage business. But a modern restaurant POS developed by sofstack is capable of so much more than taking orders.

Our custom restaurant POS systems help streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase sales. We design POS solutions to offer flexibility and versatility across environments

Online grocery & essential stores development

An online grocer is either a brick-and-mortar supermarket or grocery store that allows online ordering, or a standalone e-commerce service that includes grocery items. There is usually a delivery charge for this service. Grocery mobile apps have contributed to the overall grocery store sales and the estimated usage of such apps is expected to grow from 18 million in 2018 to 30.4 million in 2022

At sofstack, we leverage our feature-rich online grocery store management software to deliver impeccable shopping experiences for the end-users. 

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