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Computer Vision Services & Solutions

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Sofstack solving your computer vision complex problem such as Image analytics, Text analytics

Video analytics, Face detection & Recognition, Optical character Recognition and many more 

Computer Vision Solutions

Extract rich information from images and video, content discoverability, automate text extraction, analyse video in real time. Use visual data processing to label content with objects and concepts, extract text, generate image descriptions, moderate content and understand people's movement in physical spaces. 

Our Computer Vision experts will do  Text-Image-Video Analytics Solutions for Enabling Enterprises products that more people can use by embedding cloud vision capabilities in your apps with Computer Vision and integrating app to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other

Services we Provide

Image Analytics


Image analytics is the automatic algorithmic extraction and logical analysis of information found in image through digital image processing techniques . Use of image analysis techniques in different fields include:

  • 2D and 3D object recognition,

  • image segmentation,

  • motion detection 

  • video tracking,

  • optical flow,

  • medical scan analysis

Text Analytics


Text analytics is the automated process of translating large volumes of unstructured text into quantitative data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns. Use of text analytics in different field includes :

  • Risk Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Cybercrime Prevention

  • Customer Care Service

  • Contextual Advertising

  • Business Intelligence

Video Analytics


Video analytics is a technology that process a digital video signal using a special algorithm to perform a security-related functions. following are the domain use of video analytics

  • Motion detection

  • Facial recognition

  • License plate reading

  • Smart surveillance

  • Dwell time monitoring for retail stores

  • Recognizing long lines at checkout

Face Detection & Recognition


Face detection and recognition is a computer technology being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images. Uses of face detection are:

  • Prevent Retail Crime

  • Unlock Phones

  • Smarter Advertising

  • Find Missing Persons

  • Help the Blind

  • Protect Law Enforcement

Optical character recognition

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) defines the process of mechanically or electronically converting scanned images of handwritten, typed, or printed text into machine-encoded text. Its uses are :

  • Data entry for business documents, 

  • Automatic recognition of license plate.

  • In airports, passport recognition and information extraction.

  • Automatic insurance document key information extraction.

Object Recognition Detection


Object recognition is the technique of identifying the object present in images and videos. It is one of the most important applications of machine learning . Uses of Object Recognition Detection:

  • image retrieval

  • security

  • surveillance

  • automated vehicle systems

  • machine inspection.

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Collecting unlabeled training data

Analyzing Data

Opting and Training data

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