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Technology in business is a growing necessity and growth will be fueled  by has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand.

Featured Technologies


Insights with data collection, organization, and analysis

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Build and train models, and create app, with a trusted AI-infused platform

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Start developing with the open source Hyperledger Fabric

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Automate the deployement, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

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Build with JavaScript runtime environment to run JavaScript code outside the browser

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Run code without maintaining your own servers.

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All Technologies


Uncover insight with data collection, organization and analysis

API Management

Create, document and managed APIs in a secure and scalable environment

Artificial Intelligence

Build and train models, and create app, with trusted AI infused platform


Start developing with the open source Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain


Automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications

Continuous Delivery

Automatically Build, test, and prepare code changes

Continuous Integration

Regularly Integrate your code into on shared repository.


Build voice and text chatbots that can understand what user are asking

Data Management

Organize and manage data processes through the information lifecycle

Data Science

Analyze structured and unstructured data to extract knowledge and insights

Data stores

Store and manage collection of data


Capture, Store, analyze and manage collection of data

Deep learning

Create, train and deploy self-learning models


Adopt DevOps approaches to develop and delivered software quickly and reliably


Understand and apply specific policies or principles to cloud computing


Manage and support computers, servers, storage systems, operating systems, networking and more


Create value and gain insight through interconnected devices.


Develop modern applications with the open java ecosystem

Java Script

Build interactive apps, websites and pages

Knowledge Discovery

Discover patterns in large data sets


The open source operating system that runs the world

Machine learning

Teach system to learn without them being explicitly programmed


Communicate system by exchanging messages


Build software system with fine-grained, loosely coupled services

Mobile Development

Develop Applications – Mobiles Apps or Web apps – for any kind of mobile devices

Natural language processing

Build apps that can interpret unstructured data and analyze insights


Use the JavaScript runtime environment to run JavaScript code outside the browser

Object Storage

Store large amount of data in a highly scalable manner


Develop Modern Web App with the server-side scripting language

Platform as a service

Develop and manage applications without creating your own infrastructure

Predictive Analytics

Analyze current and historical data to make predictions.


Protect a system hardware, software or data.


An open Source interpreted high level programming language for general-purpose programming.

Quantum Computing

Process information by harnessing and using the low of quantum mechanics

R language

An open source language for statistical computing and graphics.

Reactive System

Build system for Realtime enterprise with reactive microservices and data streams


Reduce Security risk in your IT and development environment


Run code without maintaining your own servers.

Software Development

Build and maintain applications, frameworks, or other software applications

Speech and Empathy

Develop apps that detect feelings and respond accordingly


An open-source framework that provides end-to-end support for reactive and servlet-based app on
the JVM


Build powerful, fast and secure server side swift apps for the cloud


Explore the hardware and operating system that act as servers or host of your applications

Visual Recognition

Tag, Classify and train visual content using machine learning

Web Development

Use Open-Standards technologies to build modern web app.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized every segment of the technology and wearable devices are at the forefront of this revolution. People have started embracing wearable devices and taking advantage of this technological boon. Google Glass, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Android Wear and Nike Fuel Band are some of the popular wearable devices that have created a rage in the technology world. These wearable devices help industries to streamlines processes, improve efficiency, mobilize their resources and take customer service to the next level. Considering the increasing popularity of the wearable devices and their expected growth in future, SofStack, a Wearable Devices App Development company everages the vast opportunities that lie in wearable device application development for iOS, Android, Windows and other technologies.

UI & UX Design

SofStack is the best UX/UI services provider in India specializing in handcrafting beautiful UI / UX designs that meet our client’s vision and goals. For us, delivering exceptional UX goes beyond being user-centered. It is mainly about being content-centric. Our team of UX strategists, information architects, visual designers and content strategists look at the larger constellation of touch points with audiences to craft innovative design experiences.

Top UI/UX Designing Services Offered by SofStack


Website Design

We offer super website design services that set your business aside from others in the online spectrum. For a commercial website, what matters is an intuitive design with simplified navigation for the person. SofStack renders professional custom website design services to allow your commercial enterprise growth in the digital sphere. Our gifted designers with vast experience in this area justify their creativity and specialty in every assignment they adopt.

Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is what all you need to be apparent in the virtual world and entice clients online. SofStack incorporates some of the best UI/UX designers who are talented enough to craft the ideas of your vision into your website. Long gone are the days when websites were merely available on your computers. At SofStack, designers can retool your website according to your handsets.

Mobile Apps Design

As a UI design and development agency, SofStack address your mobile app UI with our insights and intelligence. At every step, we focus on the development of solutions, which can be customized according to your company reality. By making reasonable funding in better UI, you may find a growing ROI.

User Interface Design

SofStack designs user interface (UI) design and development for web, mobile, big screen etc. It will be responsive and device/OS friendly. Our Designer stays in regular contact with you so that the design can match with your view and ideas.

Brand Design

Based on the company strategies and identifying the competition proper UI/UX designing will help to create designs which reflects the brand. SofStack will help in logo design, typography, imagery work, etc. We offer excellent branding of the company.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and Services

Today, Internet of Things has gone from being just another concept to a brilliantly woven digital revolution that has impacted our daily lives. This advanced technology connects people, machines, processes, and systems onto one technology-enabled network. A number of enterprises and organizations are ready to unleash the potential of this powerful technology that will redefine the way we interact with other humans, machines, and devices. SofStack Technologies offers technologically advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and application, allowing your business to get maximum benefits of IoT technology. Here, we build apt IoT solutions that are dependent on the nature of need, and the extensiveness of the enterprise.

Internet of things (IoT) Application Development Service

Our developers leverage their skills to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the process and IoTize it to build solutions around it for delivering IoT product with intelligence and perfect performance for incredible impact. We develop IoT based solutions for startups, brands & innovative businesses to enable them with information on tap. Our highly skilled IoT app developers with expertise on the IoT specific UI and UX are determined to deliver value and make sense to clients. A Smart IoT-empowered business will take your operational processes to next level of connectivity and intelligence. We believe in fast track and efficient mode of opportunity identification phase by combining our industry knowledge with cutting-edge technologies.

Smart IoT App Development Service include:

  • Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

  •  IoT Gateway Development

  • Connectivity with wearable device

  • Backend and API Development of IoT devices

  • IoT implementation & Support

  • IoT Cloud Platform

Advantages of IoT Solutions & Application

Adopting IoT solutions and application can benefit your business in many ways like

  • IoT Maintenance Services

  • Real-time effective decision making

  • Automated and optimised processes

  • Enhanced process in complies scenarios

  • Optimised use of resources

  • Improved marketing automation

  • Smart and enhanced supply chain

  • Better revenue generation

Wearable App Development

At SofStack, we are a leading Wearable App Development company offering best-in-class user experience for wearable devices. We develop customized and customer-centric wearable applications running flawlessly on wearable devices comprising of smartwatches, bands, glasses & more. The apps developed by us help enterprises and individuals to get customized, business- aligned and user-centric solutions. Our adept wearable app developers create customized applications for personal and professional use that run smoothly on various kinds of wearable devices. We help enterprises get customized IT solutions for wearables devices so they can quickly respond to a query or monitor each of the business transaction. It's time that with us you explore Wearable device application development to enhance your business ROI as that helps in improving your market presence and revenue generation. Get the best of solutions with us.


Wearable App Development Services

Wearable Device App Development

We build fully-customized and feature-rich Wearable Device Apps using the latest technologies and trends, fully suiting to your business requirements.

Wearable Device App Integration

We integrate your Wearable Device applications under our Wearable Device app integration services. Get your Wearable Device app integrated with the cutting-edge solutions.

Wearable Device App UI/UX Design

To provide your app users an easy-to-navigate and functional app, we create Wearable Device app UI/UX designs that are attractive and easy-to-use.

Wearable Device App Maintenance

We provide maintenance and support services for the Wearable Device apps built by us. We make sure your app keeps working smoothly over a long period.

Wearable Device App Consultation

Have an app idea and want to convert it into a powerful app? Consult with our Wearable Device app consultants and get personalized consultation.

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