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of work:

Short-term tasks

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Have a go-to team with specialized skills

Full-time contract work

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Admin Support Service Company

Have you ever wondered how big company or E-commerce company like Amazon,FlipKart handle large volume of customer order data and process the request smoothly. If you have business of similar nature  and  looking for such Administrative support services to performed on a day-to-day basis that keep the  flow running smoothly and efficiently. 

We at Sofstack deliver competitive business advantage to our clients, by our accelerated delivery of admin support services.

Admin Support Services include:

  • Web research matching customer needs.

  • Business cases, cost-benefit analysis and benefits realization: focus on the benefits stemming from relocation,Business process improvement.

  • Change management:

  • Data processing inclusive of data entry and data conversion services.

  • Shopping cart maintenance services consisting of creating and formatting your own web elements and data.

  • Virtual assistance services by utilizing today’s technology and delivering it to client,Invoices, billing services, Image reading services. We speed up our delivery by allocating your service request handled by an appropriate and capable team. Higher end support by our respective team members in completion of allocated service request proves our strength and it persists.

  • Application Maintenance & Support Service includes outsource your application maintenance and support services to automated software maintenance methods, regular bug tracking.

We are currently serving top market web platform like GoDaddy, Shopify, WIX and other custom business plan. We are helping business to create eCommerce platform, Inventory listing, order management, transaction management , payment integration

We offer most affordable high quality services to our clients in the areas of Web Research / Data processing, Application services, Admin support services, Mobile , Web  and Software Development. Our teams focus to each of the core services and we have strict quality control procedures in place to deliver Quality Output in the stipulated time interval.


Quality is pivotal here and service excellence is guaranteed. There were times when the daily flow of administrative tasks prevents you from focusing on achieving larger objectives. Whether you are building a program from the ground up, solving a short-term need, or shifting responsibilities for the long term, SofStack is your trusted partner in outsourcing administrative support services. Our professional team members have a wide variety of experience in assisting our clients with various administrative needs, including:

  • Software Programming

  • Database Management

  • Order Processing

  •  Newsletter Creation and Scheduling

  • Creation and Maintenance of Online Stores

  • Records Management

  • Transcription and Word Processing Support

  • Project Management

  • Financial Management

  • Research

  • Reception & Customer Service

  • Document Scanning and Imaging


Irrespective of  the scope or timeline of your project, we will integrate with your team to provide help from behind the scenes, allowing for united, effective progress toward reaching your goals. To our clients, we’re the secret ingredient behind their success. Let us do the work and make sure you get all the credit.


  • Staffing

  • Payroll

  • BPO – Process Management

  • Office Administration

  • Mailroom Management Services


  • Web & App Services

  • Soft Services

  • Help Desk Management Services

  • Security Services


  • Production Support Services

Application Maintenance & Support Service

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