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Cross Platform


SofStack is a top provider of Multi-Platform application development and cross-platform mobile app development in India. We specialize in the full-service cross-platform process right from requirement gathering, UX/UI design, coding, testing to product maintenance and support to build fully featured & quality – rich apps.

At SofStack we have been working on cross-platform mobile development applications have built systems which are secure, reliable and easy to use. We have people who have good knowledge on a wide variety of e-commerce technologies – React Native Development, Flutter App Development, Ionic App Development– to name a few.


We have been in the business of custom software development and we are a specialist in Small Team Software Development by following Agile Methods. We provide a range of services on eCommerce application development with the support of our deep web application development and mobile app development expertise. Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Calendar Apps

  • Classified Apps

  • Enterprise Apps

  • On-Demand Apps

  • Social Network Apps

  • E-commerce Apps

  • Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

  • Business Applications

  • Geo-based Applications

  • Multi-platform Application

  • Cross-Platform Responsive Web App

  • Cross-Platform App Migration 

  • End-to-end mobility solutions

  • App maintenance & Support

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • App building for all possible frameworks



The following lists some technologies we have worked on:

React Native App Development:  SofStack is a prominent React Native Development Company having adeptness with most recent web and mobile technology. React Native is an innovative technology developed by Facebook. This JavaScript framework comprises the most advanced features to deliver cutting-edge mobile app development solutions for Android and iOS. It is one of the rapidly growing programming languages and popularly adopted by developers all across the globe.

At SofStack, our proficient team of react native developers comprises in-depth knowledge to develop intellectual mobile apps best suits to drive your business, competently.

React Native Development Services

Our Multi-Platform Apps are based on the Powerful React Native Platform and are backed by a set of aesthetically appealing User Interface, giving the end users an experience that is at par and even surpasses what is offered by Native Apps.

  • React Native Android App

  • React Native iOS App

  • React Native Customization App

  • React Native UI/UX App

  • React Native Support & Maintenance


Flutter App Development: Flutter, built by Google, takes cross-platform development to a new level. It was first released in May 2017, and its first stable 1.0 release was made in December 2018. Flutter is on the bleeding edge of cross-platform development, and it deserves special attention. It’s so close to the “code once, deploy twice” phenomenon, by completely sidestepping the native platforms. And it’s quickly gaining speed in the developer community. The way Flutter works is by compiling Dart source code to native code, which runs on the Dart virtual machine. You can compare this to Xamarin, which runs native code directly on the smartphone hardware, and to React Native, which runs interpreted JavaScript code in a native app.A particularly interesting feature of Flutter is called Hot Reload. With Hot Reload, changes to the source code of an app can be directly injected at runtime. It’s like reloading a web page, without needing to recompile the entire app. Hot Reload also retains the state of the app, so you can code and interact with the app at the same time. Similarly to other tools, Flutter provides shared code for platform-specific features such as Android’s and Apple’s UI design, as well as the option to build platform-specific plugins. Platform-specific APIs and SDKs can be used natively.


Flutter Application Development services cost-effective Solution

With flutter app development comes to a cost-effective level where a single code base is used to develop apps for both iOS and Android. Eliminating the need to have separate iOS and Android developers.

Easy Maintenance

Deployment of new features and maintenance of apps is now much easier and convenient as a single code base is required to deploy the apps.

Faster Testing & Delivery

Flutter comes with pre-loaded and supports various toolsets for a unit, UI and logical testing accelerating the whole testing and development process. Reducing the deployment time for our clients.

Faster Testing & Delivery

Flutter comes with pre-loaded and supports various toolsets for a unit, UI and logical testing accelerating the whole testing and development process. Reducing the deployment time for our clients.

Flutter App Development Expertise

Our flutter app development team comprises experts with experience in developing elegant, efficient and robust Cross-Platform Apps on Flutter. Have a question about flutter application development or want to turn your idea into a brilliant cross-platform app? Talk to us to explore how you can benefit from using Flutter.

Ionic Mobile App Development Services:  SofStack offers specialized services in Ionic mobile app development, an open-source SDK for hybrid app development for seamless performance across different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our industry-leading Ionic app development services combine with AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS unleash the complete potential for your mobile app idea. We implement coding best practices by adhering to the guidelines of different mobile operating systems. With a focus on innovation and excellence, our team of Ionic developers leverages several elements of the framework to develop feature-rich and robust cross-platform apps.


Custom Ionic application development tailored to meet clients’ business needs and objectives 

  • Enterprise App Development

  • Custom Ionic App Development

  • Ionic Widget

  • Ionic Migration

  •  Ionic App Portion

  • Ionic QA and Testing

  • Ionic App Support & Maintenance


  • Dedicated and highly qualified team of developers.

  • Expertise in designing intuitive and beautiful user interfaces for mobile and Web apps.

  • Flexible and fast development process.

  • Implement high-quality solutions on cross-platforms in record time.

  • Use expressive and functionally-rich widgets.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction

  • On Time Project Delivery.

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