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Deep Learning Services & Solutions

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Sofstack solving your complex problem such as image classification, video analytics , natural language processing and speech recognition.

Leading-edge deep learning solutions

Sofstack provide you scalable deep learning solutions, deep learning cloud service. It helps to not only reduce operating costs across the board but also process large volumes of data to derive insightful actions.

Services we Provide

Image Recognition

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Image recognition is set of algorithm and techniques to label and classify the element inside an image. Our image recognition models enables user to detect an object or attribute in an image

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Visual search engine

  • Object and face detection

  • People and object counting

  • Edge detection

Video Analytics

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Video analytics is a technology that process a digital video signal using a special algorithm to perform a security-related functions. following are the domain use of video analytics

  • Motion detection

  • Facial recognition

  • License plate reading

  • Smart surveillance

  • Dwell time monitoring for retail stores

  • Recognizing long lines at checkout

Speech Recognition

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Speech recognition or speech-to-text is the ability for a machine or program to identify words spoken aloud and convert them into readable text. With our speech recognition capability we provide user with following capability


  • Call routing

  • Speech-to-text processing

  • Text-to-speech processing

  • Voice dialing

  • Voice commands

  • Voice search

Natural Language Processing

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Natural language processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers to understand , interpret & manipulate human language. We provide following natural language processing application.

  • Document summarization

  • Language identification

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Text classification

  • Named entity recognition

  • Machine translation

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How it Works?

Collecting unlabeled training data

Analyzing Data

Opting and Training data

Cataloging Data

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