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Model Building Service


Using sofstack algorithms that iteratively learn from data, machine learning models facilitate computers to find hidden insights from Big Data without being explicitly programmed where to look.

Leading-edge Model Building solutions

The model building process involves setting up ways of collecting data, understanding and paying attention to what is important in the data to answer the questions you are asking, finding a statistical, mathematical or a simulation model to gain understanding and make predictions.The three stages on which sofstack build the hypotheses in machine learning are model building, model testing and applying model.

Steps to build a machine learning model

Step 1.

Understand and identify the business problem

Step 2.

Understand and

identify data

Step 4.

Determine the model's features and train the model

Step 3.

Collect and prepare data

Step 5.

Evaluate the model performance and establish benchmarks

Step 6.

Experiment and adjust the model in operation

Step 7.


Experiment and adjust the model

Hire for any scope
of work:

Short-term tasks

Build a pool of diverse experts for one-off tasks

Recurring projects

Have a go-to team with specialized skills

Full-time contract work

Expand your staff with a dedicated team

How it Works?

Collecting unlabeled training data

Analyzing Data

Opting and Training data

Cataloging Data

Why Sofstack?

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